Spending for ads in the 2020 presidential race has topped $118 million so far in the Badger State, according to data from Advertising Analytics.

Just over $65 million of that came from Democrat Joe Biden or those supporting him, with $30.8 million directly from the Biden campaign.

President Trump and pro-Trump groups have spent nearly $40.3 million, with $12.4 coming from the Trump campaign directly.

According to Advertising Analytics data, Trump has pared back his TV buy in Wisconsin for the week of Oct. 6-12.

The president cut $69,440 in the Madison market and $42,215 in Green Bay while adding $9,700 to Wausau and $3,000 to Green Bay. It’s a net reduction of $98,955.

See the latest ads in the presidential contest and other Wisconsin races at WisPolitics.com’s Ad Watch.

See below for a chart tracking presidential race spending.

Note: Spending after Wisconsin’s April 7 primary totaled $105 million. Excluding pre-primary spending by Dem candidates and Dem-aligned groups, pro-Biden spending was approximately $65 million. The pro-Biden figure above have been changed to reflect this. 


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