The battleground state of Wisconsin has so far notched over $126 million spent on presidential race ads on TV, cable, radio and digital since the April 7 primary, with most of it from the pro-Biden side.

Pro-Biden forces accounted for $80.7 million of that spending, with $36.7 million directly from the Biden campaign according to Advertising Analytics. 

Meanwhile, pro-Trump forces have spent $45.8 million, with $10.8 million of that coming from Trump’s campaign.  

Since the first presidential primary ads aired in 2019, $143 million has been spent.

The general election spending gap has translated into a continuing advantage for Biden in key Wisconsin media markets in terms of broadcast TV advertising volume, a new report from the Wesleyan Media Project shows. The latest report, however, shows Biden’s advantage has narrowed significantly in the Green Bay market.  

According to the report, the Milwaukee market ranked sixth in the nation for the number of ads aired at 7,331 from Oct. 12 through Oct. 25, behind Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, Philadelphia and Orlando. Of those ads, 5,909 were pro-Biden, while 1,422 were pro-Trump, giving Biden a more than 4-to-1 advantage. 

Biden’s advantage in the Milwaukee market for that period mirrors that observed in the group’s previous report, which covered advertising volume from Sept. 28 through Oct. 11. That report found 4,102 pro-Biden ads ran in the Milwaukee market, while 1,030 pro-Trump ads aired.

The Green Bay market ranked ninth nationally in the latest report, with 6,762 ads. Green Bay was behind Detroit and Pittsburgh, which held the seventh and eighth spots, respectively. 

The market saw 4,923 pro-Biden ads and 1,839 pro-Trump ads, giving Biden a 2.7-to-1 advantage. 

Biden had a 4-to-1 advantage Oct. 12 through Oct. 25 in the Green Bay market. During that period, 3,940 pro-Biden ads ran, while 911 ads ran backing Trump.

See the Wesleyan Media Project report:

See a table depicting ad volume by market:


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