Liberal super PAC Priorities USA says it “successfully intervened” in an ongoing lawsuit by the Trump campaign against a Rhinelander TV station for running an ad criticizing the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A federal judge yesterday allowed Priorities to enter the suit as a defendant alongside the NBC affiliate WJFW-TV. Trump Victory in a press release said it “filed a complaint against Priorities USA (PUSA) for defamation in their sponsoring of an ad that includes false and libelous statements against the president.”

Priorities USA then responded, calling the campaign’s press release “odd.” The Associated Press reported the campaign’s press release contained several misrepresentations.

“We stand by the facts in our ad that uses Trump’s own words,” Guy Cecil, Priorities USA chairman, said yesterday in a statement. “We won’t back down from holding Trump accountable for failing America.”

Trump Victory back on April 13 filed a defamation suit against the broadcaster for running the ad, which Priorities USA produced. The campaign argued the ad used doctored media to imply President Trump called the ongoing pandemic a “hoax.” Instead, the campaign says, Trump referred to Dems’ arguments Trump bungled the pandemic response as a “hoax” and not the virus itself.

See the Priorities USA statement:

See the Trump Campaign’s statement:

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