Dem super PAC Priorities USA has announced new TV and digital ads criticizing President Trump’s call to slow down COVID-19 testing in the wake of rising positive case number.

Priorities USA Director of Battleground State Communications Steve Pierce told the TV spots will run in the Green Bay/Appleton, La Crosse/Eau Claire and Milwaukee media markets, while the digital ads will run statewide. It’s part of an ongoing nearly $14 million campaign targeting voters in the state through the November election.

The spots — titled “Slow the Testing” and “Testing” — feature clips of the president from his Saturday campaign rally in Tulsa where he said he instructed officials to “slow the testing down” to lessen the rising number of confirmed coronavirus infections.

“Slow the Testing,” which will air on TV, opens with the assertion that “the most important job of the president is to protect the American people” before cutting to the clip of the president saying that he asked for testing to slow down.

The ad shows the death toll of COVID-19 so far — 120,000 — above a graph depicting the rise in cases.

“Instead of working to slow the spread, Donald Trump says he slowed down the testing,” the ad says, before concluding that the commander-in-chief is “making it all worse. He’s failing America.”

“Testing,” a digital ad, features Trump saying “by doing this testing we make ourselves look bad… testing is a double-edged sword” as a graphic of total COVID-19 deaths rises steadily across the screen.

The ad concludes with the “slow the testing down” clip before cutting to the message “we need new leadership.”

See the “Slow the Testing” ad:

See the “Testing” ad:

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