Republican Voters Against Trump is launching a $1 million ad campaign in the state this week with a trio of spots featuring Wisconsin GOP women knocking the president and saying they will vote for Joe Biden.

A group spokesman says the ads will begin running in the Milwaukee TV market and on digital platforms starting Friday. The TV portion of the buy will include cable and “Fox News Sunday” with about 80 percent of the effort geared toward digital ads, which will run on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

In the ads, women named Deb, Kim and Lori say they are longtime Republican voters. But all three express dismay at the state of the county after four years of Trump leadership.

“I felt maybe he could do something about illegal immigrants,” says Lori, a southwestern Wisconsin resident and the only one of the three who voted for Trump in 2016. “I realize now that was nothing compared to what this man has done to our country. He is chipping away at our democracy one little piece at a time.”

See the ads:

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