Numbers from the Wisconsin Elections Commission show both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have lost votes through the recount process, though that margin slightly favors Trump. 

This morning’s updated shows as of yesterday, Biden had lost 73 votes while Trump had lost 21 across Milwaukee and Dane counties. County canvasses show Biden won the state 20,608 votes.

The largest change in either county came from the five wards in Dane County’s Town of Westport, where a drawdown of ballots lost Biden 28 votes and Trump eight votes. The drawdown occurred because 32 absentee certificate envelopes were found to be missing the witness addresses while three were missing a witness signature and one was missing a voter signature.

Because the envelopes can’t be matched back to ballots in municipalities that don’t use central count locations, 36 ballots were chosen at random to be removed.

A commission spokesman indicated updates on vote total changes from the previous day will be posted each morning on WEC’s website.

See the site here.


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