President Trump, pushing a recount, tweeted Monday afternoon that Wisconsin “is looking very good.”

The president sent three other tweets this afternoon promising a “big presidential win” in Georgia, slamming Pennsylvania for preventing “us from watching much of the Ballot count” and hitting Nevada as “a cesspool of Fake Votes.”

Trump’s campaign so far has yet to produce hard evidence of fraud in Nevada, and his campaign acknowledged in a court filing that it had observers present during the vote count in Philadelphia. However, it won an order from a judge that those observers be allowed to observe from 6 feet away after they’d been kept farther back earlier in the process.

The president’s campaign has promised to seek a recount in Wisconsin, where media outlets have declared Joe Biden the winner with an unofficial margin of 20,540 votes. The deadline to request one is one business day after the final county canvass has arrived. Those are due to the Elections Commission Nov. 17 but often come in before the deadline.

“Wisconsin is looking very good. Needs a little time statutorily. Will happen soon!” the president tweeted, including the Twitter handles for Reince Priebus, his former chief of staff and the former state and national GOP chair, plus ex-U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wausau.

Priebus didn’t immediately respond to an email. Duffy didn’t immediately return a message left on his cell phone this afternoon, but tweeted in response to Trump, “Thank you, Mr President. Wisconsin needs a recount.”

But some Republicans have cast doubt on the chances for a recount overturning the results.

See the tweet:

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