Assembly Speaker Robin Vos acknowledged an investigation into last week’s election would be unlikely to find enough cases of fraud to overturn the election or reveal “there was some kind of nefarious nature to voting.”

But he defended directing the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee to use its subpoena power to investigate allegations, saying it would reassure citizens that every legal vote was cast.

Dems have slammed Vos’ move, adding Republicans have failed to provide any proof to back up their claims of irregularities.

“I think it’s unlikely, but I don’t know that,” Vos said of the likelihood an investigation would overturn the results. “That’s why you have an investigation.”

Vos also shrugged off the Elections Commission’s memo rebutting allegations of impropriety.

“I would rather guarantee that everyone at the end of the day has certainty that the election was conducted fairly because we do a thorough investigation as opposed to trusting a bunch of bureaucrats in Madison saying, ‘Look, we did it just fine,’” he said.

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