The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty today slammed AG Josh Kaul’s request for state Supreme Court to stay a ruling directing the Elections Commission to deactivate the registrations of voters who may have moved.

In a filing responding to the DOJ emergency request for a stay, WILL said the request was “the latest in a number of attempts by the Defendants to do everything in their power to avoid complying with clear election law until the upcoming elections have passed.”

“The Defendants’ gambit this time around is to frighten this Court with a parade of horribles into temporarily exempting the Defendants from their statutory obligations until it is too late for (the plaintiffs) to obtain the relief they have been seeking since October, 2019: clean voter rolls in advance of the upcoming elections,” the filing said.

WILL in its filing asked the high court to deny the motion.

Kaul yesterday asked the Supreme Court to take one of two actions: put on hold the Ozaukee County judge’s order, or direct the appeals court to rule on DOJ’s request for a stay by Friday.

That came after the 4th District Court of Appeals on Monday declined to act on Kaul’s request for a stay, saying it was waiting for the Supreme Court to indicate whether it planned to take over the entire case.

See the filing:

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