Data from Advertising Analytics show $120.1 million spent so far on ads in the battleground state of Wisconsin in the general election race, with the pro-Biden effort spending over $77.3 million and Trump’s side spending $43.6 million. 

That amounts to a $33.7 million spending advantage for the pro-Biden camp since the April 7 primary in Wisconsin.

The Biden campaign directly spent $34.6 million, while the Trump campaign has directly spent $10.3 million.  

The Trump campaign has been scaling back its buys in the state, cutting more than $1.5 million that it had reserved in the state from this week through Nov. 3. 

Meanwhile, a report from the Wesleyan Media Project showed pro-Biden ads outpacing pro-Trump ads by 4-1 ratio in the Milwaukee and Green Bay media markets. See Battleground Wisconsin 2020 coverage here.

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