The state Elections Commission has identified 13 cases of possible voter fraud specific to the fall 2020 election with questions about another 16 voters who cast ballots last fall, according to materials prepared for a meeting next week.

Of the 13 cases, six involved voters who may have cast ballots in two different municipalities, while three may have voted both in person and absentee in November, according to information submitted to the commission from municipal clerks.

The commission also received information on 22 voters in La Crosse County who registered using the address of a UPS store. Of those, 15 cast absentee ballots last fall while one voted in-person.

President Biden defeated former President Trump in Wisconsin by 20,608 votes out of nearly 3.3 million cast.

The commission assembles the report of possible irregularities following elections and submits it to the Legislature as required by state law. The draft report will be reviewed by the commission next week before it is finalized and submitted to the Legislature.

The report only includes situations where the agency was aware a clerk had referred a case to a DA by May 19. The cover letter signed by agency Administrator Meagan Wolfe notes it is “possible that other suspected election frauds, irregularities or violations have been referred without the Commission’s knowledge. It is also possible that citizens or organizations have filed complaints directly with a District Attorney which the Commission has no way of knowing or tracking.”

In most cases, the commission has no information whether DAs found enough evidence to file charges or if any charges resulted in a conviction.

The commission is also still waiting on data from the Electronic Registration Information Center that allows it to cross-reference data from 29 other states and the District of Columbia to see if any voters may have cast ballots in more than one state.

It also is waiting for the Department of Corrections to complete its check of felons who may have improperly cast ballots last fall.

See the Elections Commission release here.

See the board materials here.

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