A new ballot collection box has been installed outside of Madison Fire Department Station #4, on Monroe Street, on Friday, October 16, 2020. The City of Madison Clerk’s Office is installing 14 secure ballot drop boxes outside of fire stations and at the Elver Park shelter. Photo by Ruthie Hauge, Capital Times

Michael Gableman is paying his lead attorney $450 an hour to fight Dem AG Josh Kaul’s attempt to quash a subpoena the former Supreme Court justice issued to Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe, according to new records.

American Oversight, a liberal group that has sued to force the release of records related to Gableman’s probe, released a new batch of documents over the weekend that included the contract the former justice signed with Indiana attorney James Bopp.

The contract, which Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, signed off on last month, also pays Wisconsin attorney Michael Dean $275 an hour to serve as the local attorney in the case.

Altogether, American Oversight released more than 100 pages of documents over the weekend. The documents revealed:

*emails from My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has raised a series of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, sharing documents with Gableman via Dropbox. The emails don’t detail the records’ content.

*Gableman emailed Vos and others in August that he was “disappointed and surprised by the ‘all or nothing’ approach being sold by Mike Lindell: he and his colleagues constantly harped on the need for all of us to go back to our home states and demand a ‘full, Arizona-style forensic audit.’ Unfortunately, no one who knows is telling us anything about the audit other than it has cost (so far) around $6 million.” Gableman added he had been “researching other methods and interviewing experts in the field who say they can provide us with the info everyone was hoping for from AZ.”

*A Chicago-based PR consultant pitched Gableman last month on a contract that included a $10,000 monthly retainer. The email exchange doesn’t make clear whether Gableman’s office proceeded on the proposal, which called for social media consulting, pursuing coverage by “Wisconsin media and select national media that regularly report on election integrity news” and developing a “unique plan for potential media coverage as is appropriate for specific messages.” The pitch was facilitated by Minneapolis attorney Erick Kaardal, who filed several suits over the 2020 election in Wisconsin. He also has signed an office sharing agreement with Gableman for the space the former justice is renting in Brookfield. The amended contract Gableman signed with Vos in August includes $15,000 for communications out of the overall budget of $676,000.

*Gableman had an analysis of his office conducted. Darlene Lathrop with Gottesman Co. advised him to prioritize increasing security at the office, including an automatic lock on the front door. She also suggested a wireless doorbell intercom system that could be purchased for $55 on Amazon. She also provided recommendations on furniture and office needs.

See the records here.

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