The failed lawsuit filed by former Trump attorney Sidney Powell to overturn Wisconsin’s election results was so riddled with errors that it underscores that it was filed in bad faith, an attorney for Gov. Tony Evers argued in a new filing.

Evers’ private attorneys in the case have asked a federal court to award the guv $106,780 in attorneys fees from the lawyers, who include Lin Wood, and the plaintiff, 3rd CD GOP Chair Bill Feehan.

Feehan’s attorneys argued last month the claims raised in the lawsuit were legitimate and Evers waited too long to seek attorneys fees.

But the guv fired back in a filing in federal court earlier this week that Feehan and his attorneys “advanced a wild conspiracy theory” in trying to get a judge to declare former President Trump the winner of Wisconsin’s electoral votes. They also said: one of the original plaintiffs listed in the suit never gave his permission to be included; the various filings were plagued by “myriad procedural and factual errors”; and that one filing even contained a manufactured quote from a federal judge.

The guv’s attorneys slammed the lawsuit as “a jumble of conspiratorial claims bereft of factual foundation.”

Evers is also seeking legal fees from Trump and his attorneys in a second failed federal suit seeking to overturn Wisconsin’s election results. The former president’s attorneys have been granted a delay until June to respond to that request.

See the filing.

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