State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, paid a $500 penalty for failing to quickly resolve a discrepancy in her state campaign finance report filings, according to a settlement obtained by

The settlement, paid March 17 to the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, was disclosed in Godlewski’s latest campaign finance report. then requested the settlement agreement from the Ethics Commission.

The agreement shows there was a discrepancy of $11,027 between what Godlewski reported for her ending balance on the January 2019 report and what she listed as her opening balance for her July 2019 report. The Ethics Commission notified Godlewski of the discrepancy Oct. 18, 2019, and she was given 30 days to resolve the issue.

The commission sent additional notices Nov. 11 and 18 that year, and the discrepancy wasn’t addressed until after the deadline had passed.

Godlewski’s campaign said the Ethics Commission sent the notices to a defunct email address.

“The campaign was unaware of this minor issue, and once informed, moved swiftly to correct it,” a spokesman said. “Sarah’s campaign account finances are fully compliant with all rules and regulations, and in good standing.”

The settlement, which Godlewski signed in January, notes the standard penalty for a cash balance discrepancy is $500. Both reports were amended in January to correct the discrepancy.

State GOP spokeswoman Anna Kelly knocked Godlewski because a “self-proclaimed ‘fiscal watchdog’ can’t figure out how to follow basic campaign finance requirements.”

See the settlement agreement:

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