Kevin Nicholson’s 501c4 is launching a $1.5 million ad campaign that promotes the group and prominently features the former U.S. Senate candidate, who is considering another statewide campaign in 2022.

In the opening ad, Nicholson looks into the camera and declares No Better Friend Corp. “is fighting like crazy for you in Wisconsin.”

The group said the ad campaign includes TV, radio and digital. It will run statewide and kick off with a 60-second spot during the Green Bay Packers’ Monday night game.

Nicholson, who has been openly considering another run for the U.S. Senate or governor, opens the ad saying, “The world’s a mess.” The spot shows video of the evacuation in Afghanistan, someone speaking in front of a sign that reads “critical race theory” and a child in a classroom wearing a mask.

The spot then shows Nicholson speaking directly to the camera saying his organization is pro-police, anti-critical race theory, protects innocent life and demands a strong national defense, among other things.

Nicholson invites viewers to events organized by No Better Friend, which he calls “Wisconsin’s dynamic catalyst for change.” He also directs people to the group’s website.

“Life today can be terrifying. Join us to effectively fight back,” Nicholson says to close the spot.

See the release:

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