State GOP Chairman Paul Farrow said former President Trump “tapped into an energy” across the state, and Republicans will be looking to build on that in next year’s election.

“We’ve got a great energy flow that’s moving across the state because of what President Trump has done in his four years. We have to be able to harness that as we move forward to make success in ’22,” Farrow said in an interview aired Sunday on “UpFront,” produced in partnership with

Farrow said he expected three or four Republican candidates for governor. He also said Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is “still contemplating” whether to run for reelection.

“My goal is to really unify the party and strengthen it from the top down, bottom up,” said Farrow, the Waukesha County executive and a former state legislator who was elected to the chairmanship last month.

Also on the program, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Steven Olikara said he wants to create a “new lane” in politics.

“What motivates me in this race is to create a new lane. Without creating a new lane in politics that’s focused on more inclusion, more dignity, more humanity, we won’t be able to really solve the scale of the problems we’re facing,” Olikara said.

Olikara is a Brookfield native who is best known as the founder of the Millennial Action Project.

He said he also wanted to “change the business model of politics” by getting the money out of politics.

“Our candidacy will be the strongest at not only energizing Democrats, but also attracting disillusioned voters, including politically homeless Republicans and independents.” he said.

In another segment, a UW Health pediatric infectious disease specialist, Dr. Jim Conway, said COVID cases in children are rising in Wisconsin.

“The rates now are almost identical to what they were in January,” Conway said.

He also said doctors also are seeing children with longer-term effects from Covid-19.

“We are starting to now see some kids have that long-hauler syndrome that adults were suffering from earlier in the pandemic, where six to 10 months later they are still having respiratory problems, fatigue, headaches,” Conway said.

“This is not a benign disease in kids,” Conway said. “We can’t let people continue to pass along that misinformation.”

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