The U.S. Supreme Court has declined, without comment, to hear former President Trump’s appeal of a 7th Circuit ruling rejecting his attempt to overturn Wisconsin’s election results both on the merits and because it was filed too late.

The suit affected by the March 8 decision was the last action pending before the U.S. Supreme Court over Wisconsin’s election results. Over the past two weeks, the court has also refused to hear Trump’s appeal of a state Supreme Court ruling as well as a lawsuit that former Trump attorney Sidney Powell filed.

The court in recent weeks has refused to hear a series of appeals related to the 2020 election, largely without detailing why.

In the current case, Trump claimed decisions made by the Wisconsin Elections Commission and other officials went beyond what the state Legislature authorized in the statutes and the results should be overturned.

A federal judge that Trump appointed to the Eastern District of Wisconsin shot down the president’s claims. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals then affirmed that in a Christmas Eve decision.

In addition to the advice to clerks on missing information for absentee ballots, Trump had challenged votes cast by those who claimed they were indefinitely confined due to age, infirmity or illness.

But the 7th Circuit noted Trump had the opportunity before the election to challenge the provisions, but didn’t. Having passed up that opportunity before the election, Trump couldn’t raise objections afterwards.

The guidance on missing witness information, for example, has been in place for more than four years.

See the list of orders here.

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