The U.S. Supreme Court has now docketed the two petitions President Trump filed seeking to overturn Wisconsin’s election results.

But the Feb. 3 deadline to respond listed on the court website is two weeks after Joe Biden is scheduled to be sworn in as president.

Trump’s attorneys asked the court to take two cases. One is a review of the state Supreme Court decision that Trump waited too long to challenge Wisconsin election proceedings. The other is a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that affirmed a district court decision rejecting the president’s attempt to overturn the results and have the GOP-controlled state Legislature select Wisconsin’s electors. In that case, the appeals court rejected the president’s arguments on the merits and also found the president waited too long to bring his challenge to Wisconsin election proceedings.

Trump’s attorneys have filed motions to expedite both appeals and had sought responses by last week.

Wisconsin attorney Jim Troupis, who represented the president in the state case, said those motions are still pending and it would be up to the court whether it wanted to move more quickly to resolve the cases.

See the docket for the Wisconsin Supreme Court case:

See the docket for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals case:

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