The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a lawsuit former Trump attorney Sidney Powell filed seeking to overturn Wisconsin’s presidential election results.

The court didn’t comment on its reasoning for not taking the case, one of more than five dozen the court rejected Monday.

The original lawsuit was riddled with errors, including seeking video footage from an arena in Detroit where ballots were counted as part of its effort to overturn Wisconsin’s results. The suit also originally listed former 3rd CD GOP candidate Derrick Van Orden as a plaintiff even though he hadn’t given the legal team permission to include him.

The suit alleged that software used by Dominion vote tabulating machines in Wisconsin was derived from software created by “foreign oligarchs and dictators” as part of a ballot-stuffing scheme to win elections for former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. At one point, the attorneys planned to have a witness identified only as “Spider” in court records testify in court wearing a mask.

The high court last week turned away Trump’s request to hear his challenge of a Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that rejected his bid to overturn the state’s election results.

Later this week, the justices will discuss the final pending challenge of Wisconsin’s presidential results. In that case, Trump is seeking review of a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling the former president’s challenge failed on the merits and was filed too late.

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