Dem U.S. Senate candidate Mandela Barnes says he raised $520,000 in January. That’s more than any of his Dem rivals raised from individuals during the fourth quarter.

Barnes said the donations came from nearly 13,000 donors with an average donation of $32, but didn’t release other information about the haul.

Barnes led the field for fundraising from individuals and groups during the last three months of 2021 with $1.2 million.

Dem rival Alex Lasry listed just over $2 million in receipts, but that included a $1.55 million loan. He raised $473,214 from donors. Meanwhile, Sarah Godlewski reported $1.1 million in receipts during the quarter, but that included a $750,000 loan. She raised $360,720 from others.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, meanwhile, listed $711,498 in receipts for the period with all of it coming from individuals, PACs or other committees.

See the release here.

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