Dem U.S. Sen. candidate Steven Olikara announced his legislative agenda including a limit on campaign fundraising for incumbents.

Olikara, who also founded the Millennial Action Project, also proposed adopting final five voting, open primaries, a ban on lobbyists donating to members of Congress they’re also lobbying, a federal clean elections program and a cap on personal contributions to one’s own campaign. The 32-year-old in a press release said he wants all other U.S. Senate candidates to cease fundraising while working in current and future public offices.

“I am challenging other candidates for the U.S. Senate to join me in committing not to fundraise while on the taxpayer’s dime in current and future offices,” said Olikara. “This behavior doesn’t pass the common sense test for Wisconsinites. No Wisconsinite can go to their boss and ask them to continue paying their salary while working another job.”

Olikara’s plan also includes:
*Senate term limits of three terms;
*Making election day a national holiday;
*Reinstituting a talking filibuster;
*Using congressional committees to introduce legislation more frequently;
*Capping the amount that individuals can contribute to their own campaigns at $250,000;
*Creating a nonpartisan redistricting process; and
*Creating a “three weeks in DC, one week at home” schedule for members of Congress.

See the release:

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