Gov. Tony Evers raised $10.1 million during the first six months of 2022, almost twice what former GOP Gov. Scott Walker raised during the same fundraising period.

Evers’ campaign said he finished June with $7.6 million in the bank after receiving 60,000 contributions from more than 32,000 donors. But he didn’t release other details of his fundraising.

Evers finished December with $10.5 million in the bank. That means he spent $13 million during the six-month period.

His campaign told some of that spending went toward buying ads for the post-primary period.

The campaign didn’t say how much of Evers’ haul came from the state Dem Party, which is able to raise donations is unlimited amounts with no restrictions on how much it can transfer to a candidate. The state party gave Evers $1.2 million during the last six months of 2021 as he raised $5.4 million overall.

Evers continues to outpace Walker for fundraising at similar points in his GOP predecessor’s last term. Walker reported nearly $5.5 million raised during the first half of 2018 and finished that June with $5.9 million in the bank before he lost to Evers that fall.

Evers’ campaign said he’s now raised more than $20 million this term.

See the release here.

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