Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney, who’s running for the GOP nomination to face AG Josh Kaul this fall, announced he’s filed felony charges in five voter fraud cases.

In all five cases, those charged used a post office box as their address when they registered to vote, which is illegal. Three of the five voted in the November 2020 election.

The charges announced yesterday are class I felonies that carry penalties of up to $10,000 in fines and up to 3.5 years in prison.

Those charged include Jamie and Sam Wells. According to the criminal complaints, Jamie Wells told a Fond du Lac Police detective that she and her husband have a travel trailer and stay in Fond du Lac most of the time, but don’t have an actual home address. Though they usually stay at a campground outside the city but in Fond du Lac County, they’ve been staying for the past two years in New London. That’s outside of Fond du Lac County.

When told she can’t register with a P.O. box, Jamie Wells told the detective “he should be looking at the election in Wisconsin because the election was cheated and ‘they took it away from Trump,'” according to the criminal complaint.

Jeffrey Tesroete told a detective he’d been homeless for two months and was living out of his truck at the time that he registered. Police were unable to contact Lawrence Klug after communicating with his family, looking at prior records and reaching out to other law enforcement.

Markeis Carter, the fifth person charged, was living with his girlfriend and “appeared very apologetic upon learning” that he couldn’t register with a P.O. box.

The state Elections Commission provides guidance on how those who are homeless should register to vote. That includes using a “fixed location” such as a shelter, park bench or other “location where a homeless individual may spend time or return to when absent.”

Read one of the complaints; all five are similar in content:

See the Elections Commission’s guidance for homeless voters looking to register here.

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