GOP gubernatorial candidates are renewing their calls for more police and bail system changes in response to a weekend of shootings outside the Milwaukee Bucks arena.

Kleefisch at a press conference at the Deer District just outside the Bucks’ Fiserv Forum Monday again called for 1,000 more police officers statewide, changes to the bail process and to remove Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm.

Meanwhile, Michels launched a plan Monday he says would promote public safety, including by firing Chisholm on his first day in office.

Nicholson also responded to the 21 people shot on Friday after the Bucks game.

“We’re seeing the fundamental dissolution of law and order right before our eyes,” Nicholson said. “Governor Evers, Attorney General Kaul and District Attorney John Chisholm have let lawlessness fester – and the rest of us are sick of it.”

Kleefisch said the violence has transformed the Deer District from a place of coming together into a place controlled by violent criminals.

“I’ll be there to implement our solutions in January, but until then, we need to get serious about violent crime in the city,” she said. “Because we need Milwaukee to be a safe place for families, the Deer District to be a destination and not the fear district anymore.”

Michels’ so-called “Back the Blue-print” plan includes measures to reduce state aid to communities attempting to “defund the police,” investigate and prosecute “riot organizers” and to replace Green Bay Correctional Institution in Allouez with a new, larger prison designed to house 1,500 people.

“Criminals are abusing the system and this governor sits idly by as weak prosecutors and liberal judges make a mockery of the hard work done by local law enforcement across the state,” he said.

See the Nicholson release here.

Watch the Kleefisch event here.

See Michels’ plan here.

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