A group targeting lawyers who participated in lawsuits seeking to overturn the 2020 presidential election results filed a complaint against more than a dozen attorneys who were part of the effort in Wisconsin.

The 65 Project — which describes itself as a bipartisan effort to “protect democracy from abuse of the legal system” — filed complaints in March against Wisconsin-based attorneys Andrew Hitt and Jim Troupis for their roles in the effort to present a slate of false Wisconsin electors for Donald Trump even though he lost the state to Joe Biden. Hitt is the former state GOP chair.

The new round of complaints include two filed with the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation. Those target attorneys Michael Dean and Daniel Eastman.

Dean was involved in one lawsuit that was filed in November 2020 and then voluntarily dismissed days later. He also was part of the legal team in a lawsuit that was rife with errors when it was first filed and raised conspiracy theories about the use of Dominion voting machines.

Eastman was also part of that suit, one of several filed in swing states that raised similar claims about Dominion voting machines and absentee ballots.

The filings also include a complaint with Indiana’s disciplinary commission against James Bopp for his role in efforts to overturn the election results and his representation of Michael Gableman in the former justice’s review of Wisconsin’s 2020 election. That filing cited Dane County Circuit Court Judge Frank Remington’s ruling that found Bopp and his legal team had violated various Wisconsin rules in their defense of the Office of Special Counsel in an open records lawsuit.

See the filings:

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