Milwaukee City Hall. Photo by David Wise.

Community advocacy groups, including some that often back Dems, say the Republican National Convention is not welcome in Milwaukee.

Voces De La Frontera Action, Power to the Polls, Milwaukee Area Labor Council, Never Again is Now and Service Employees International Union on Tuesday sent an open letter to Milwaukeeans asking them to demand city, county and state leaders stop the RNC from coming to the city in 2024. The groups in the letter argue the national and state Republican parties support hate groups and they should not be allowed to hold their event in Milwaukee.

“The recent hate crime in Buffalo, is one of many escalated acts of violent hate inspired by their “great replacement” rhetoric, fear mongering, and harmful policies, and is yet another reminder of why we must not normalize the far right that has captured the Republican Party,” the letter reads.

Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Paul Farrow told the proposal to hold the RNC in Milwaukee four years after the Democratic National Convention was awarded to the city has bipartisan and community support. He added claims in the letter are false.

“These Democrat-led groups are doing themselves and Wisconsinites a tremendous disservice by disingenuously pushing false, tired talking points for political reasons at the Milwaukee community’s expense,” he said.

See the letter here.

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