Former state Rep. and GOP AG candidate Adam Jarchow today criticized Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney for reducing criminal marijuana charges to misdemeanors even though the Legislature didn’t pass a bill Jarchow backed to decriminalize certain marijuana charges.

Jarchow made his comments during a candidate event on conservative radio host Dan O’Donnell’s show this morning.

When asked, Jarchow didn’t explicitly say whether he would still support decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana.

He added he supported the measure because he saw prosecutors around the country reducing criminal marijuana charges. But the private attorney also criticized Toney for reducing criminal marijuana charges for some in Fond du Lac County.

O’Donnell billed the event as a debate, but candidates were asked different questions. If one candidate mentioned another in their response, the mentioned candidate was given a chance to respond.

“That bill didn’t pass, but Mr. Toney acts in Fond du Lac County like it did pass,” Jarchow said. “So while he likes to make it seem like there’s a lot of daylight here on this issue, the facts don’t bear that out. The facts are that Eric Toney is doing in Fond du Lac County what that bill proposed.”

Toney in response blasted Jarchow for failing to mention in an October DrydenWire episode he proposed completely legalizing marijuana. He added his office handles and prosecutes each marijuana case it handles differently depending on the facts and circumstances.

“That’s what we expect prosecutors to do,” he said. “To take each case based on the facts. And I’m the only candidate in this race that’s ever prosecuted a case.”

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