U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Oshkosh, addresses breaking his pledge to serve just two terms in the first ads he launched of his reelection.

In both, Johnson says he decided he “can’t walk away” because of the nation’s troubles.

Johnson’s campaign said the 60-second spots will run statewide starting today on broadcast TV, cable and digital. It didn’t release how much it’s spending on the initial buy.

Both ads are narrated by Johnson, who says “Democrat policies have been disastrous for America.” One mentions the violent protests in Kenosha in the summer of 2020, growing murders in Milwaukee and “the Waukesha Christmas parade turned into a terrible tragedy.”

Both spots then follow a similar script with Johnson speaking directly into the camera as the Oshkosh Republican says it feels like the country is being torn apart, but “that’s not how it felt when I ran in 2016.” Johnson said his intention at the time was to serve a second term and go home, but the nation is now “on a very dangerous path” with Democrats in “total control.”

“If you’re in a position to help make our country safer and stronger, would you just walk away? I decided I can’t,” Johnson says as he rises from his seat. “I’ll stand and fight for freedom.”

See the ads:

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