U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is out with a new TV ad that defends his work to secure a tax reduction for businesses after Dem groups have charged he and his donors have benefited from the breaks.

Johnson’s campaign said the spot will run on broadcast and cable TV as part of a six-figure buy, but didn’t release other details.

The spot opens by citing a PolitiFact from Feb. 28 “Democratic group’s false attack on Wis. GOP Sen. Ron Johnson” as the Oshkosh Republican says “even liberal fact checkers say Democrats have repeatedly lied about me.”

That PolitiFact focused on a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee TV ad that accused Johnson of “rewarding companies that outsource to China.” It cited his support for the 2017 tax law signed by former President Trump. The package included a provision that Johnson demanded before he would vote for the bill. It impacted “pass-through” companies that pass all their income on to owners or investors and aren’t subject to the corporate income tax.

Another PolitiFact from a week earlier took issue with Opportunity Wisconsin’s ad that referred to the tax break as a “loophole.” That PolitiFact noted Johnson acknowledged his business benefited from the provision, as did others.

In the new ad, Johnson says Dems are distorting his record on tax relief that “I got for more than 90 percent of American businesses.” He says the break helped Main Street businesses remain competitive “with the big guys.”

“I held firm so that all businesses got tax cuts, allowing them to grow and create good-paying jobs,” Johnson said.

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See the release here.

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