Johnson also announced a new website that he said would “cut through the litany of false attacks launched by liberals and amplified by their allies in the media.”

The first two posts defend Johnson over recent remarks on Oshkosh Corp.’s decision to build postal trucks in South Carolina rather than Wisconsin and about his wealth doubling since he took office when the market has nearly quadrupled.

Johnson has previously defended himself for saying, “It’s not like we don’t have enough jobs here in Wisconsin. The biggest problem we have in Wisconsin right now is employers not being able to find enough workers. So I wouldn’t insert myself to demand that anything is manufactured here using federal funds in Wisconsin.”

One of the post reflects those remarks and ends with a fundraising appeal after the line, “Unfortunately, this unholy alliance of Democrats, mainstream media, and Big Tech is a powerful force allied against my attempt to save this Wisconsin US Senate seat. Any support you are willing to provide to help me counter their false attacks, slanders, and distortions would be greatly appreciated.”

The other dives into his comments during a podcast addressing a Dem attack line on Johnson’s net worth doubling since he took office. He said in the interview he put all of his investments into cash and doesn’t own stocks in a move that was done to ensure he doesn’t have conflicts of interest. He added his investments have way underperformed the market.

“I should have more. I hate to say this. The stock market went up 3.8 times. I went up two, OK? I’m not asking anybody to feel sorry for me. But please don’t harbor ill will that I succeeded,” Johnson said.

Johnson headlined the post, “How to underperform the market – do what I did, convert all your stocks to cash.”

See the website here.

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