GOP guv candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, who has called for abolishing the Wisconsin Elections Commission, wants to create an office within the state Department of Justice that would have responsibility for checking voter rolls and conducting audits.

Both tasks are now the responsibility of the Elections Commission.

The Office of Election Integrity & Public Trust would also be given law enforcement powers to investigate and prosecute election-related complaints. Now, the commission looks into complaints it receives. Those that are warranted are referred to local prosecutors for further action.

Kleefisch also wants the agency to ensure voting lists are available in real time for free to the public.

The Legislature created a requirement that the agency charge a fee for the list. The commission then approved the $12,500 fee through the rulemaking process, which was subject to legislative and gubernatorial approval.

Kleefisch charged Gov. Tony Evers and Dems aren’t interested in following the law because “illegal changes benefited them.”

“We need a referee with law enforcement powers and clear duties to oversee those administering our elections so the public can regain its faith in our electoral process,” Kleefisch said.

Evers spokesman Sam Roecker accused Kleefisch of trying to “inject more chaos and division into Wisconsin elections” and noted she was part of the Walker administration, which signed off on the creation of the Elections Commission.

“It’s simple: elections should be decided by the voters, not divisive politicians like Rebecca Kleefisch,” Roecker said.

See the release here.

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