Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital Times

Dem U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry has released a plan to strengthen rural economies that includes a call for a second infrastructure package.

Lasry’s plan announced Wednesday calls the more than $1 trillion bipartisan package approved last fall a “good downpayment.” He said the state’s congressional delegation will have to work with state and local officials to attract as much as possible from the existing funds to help rural Wisconsin with roads and bridges, access to affordable broadband and clean drinking water, and expanding the parts of the state’s infrastructure.

Lasry also argued the state needs additional investments in its rail infrastructure and vowed to continue pushing for additional funding if elected.

Other parts of the plan include:

*college loan forgiveness to incentivize health professionals, teachers, lawyers, mental health counselors and others to work in rural Wisconsin.

*improving access to broadband.

*comprehensive immigration reform to create pathways for farmers to get the workers they need. He backed reforms to the temporary visa process to expedite the process.

Lasry’s plan also says he supports President Biden’s order to expand the use of biofuels with gas prices near historic highs.

Read the plan here.

See the release here.

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