Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital Times

GOP candidate Tim Michels is calling for banning former legislators and administration officials from lobbying for two years after they leave their job.

The proposal comes within days of two lawmakers who had announced they won’t seek reelection this fall resigning early from the Legislature to take jobs with groups that lobby the Capitol.

State law currently prohibits former state public officials from lobbying for 12 months after leaving their jobs. But that doesn’t apply to state legislators and many legislative employees.

Elected officials, though, are barred from initiating discussions about prospective employment with a lobbyist or lobbying principal while in office. But they can respond to a published advertisement for employment available to the general public and discuss the possibility of employment.

Michels also wants new restrictions on lobbyist donations. That includes banning them until June 1 of an election year. Now, lobbyists only must wait until the legislative session ends.

He also wants to ban donations by a lobbyist’s spouse.

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