Freedom Wisconsin PAC, the group created to support Rebecca Kleefisch’s bid for guv, has now bought $2.3 million on TV opposing GOP rival Tim Michels.

Freedom Wisconsin PAC has now spent $2.5 million in its effort to boost the former lieutenant governor, including $154,000 in pro-Kleefisch radio in May.

The group’s latest filing last night added another $1.5 million to its existing TV buy through the Aug. 9 primary, pushing it to $2.3 million.

Meanwhile, a new PAC has now spent nearly $123,000 opposing Kleefisch.

The Sunrise in America Political Action Fund, a Florida-based group, had previously reported digital ads opposing Kleefisch. Its latest filing this week added $56,858 in mail.

Meanwhile, a¬†Florida-based group has spent $65,916 on digital ads opposing Rebecca Kleefisch in the guv’s race, the first independent expenditure of the campaign targeting the former lieutenant governor.

The Sunrise in American Political Action Fund filing with the state Ethics Commission shows the digital ads began Friday and run through the Aug. 9 primary.

The group registered with the Ethics Commission April 14, just before Republican Tim Michels formally entered the race but while chatter was picking up that he might get in. It hasn’t yet filed a report with the state detailing its fundraising.

The group’s website says it’s a super PAC working against Kleefisch’s candidacy “through innovative efforts including paid advertising, data, and digital” and will seek to define Kleefisch to GOP primary voters.

The group didn’t immediately respond to a phone message or email from today.

It posted a video to YouTube last Friday knocking the former lieutenant governor.

The narrator says nothing is worse “than when you think you know someone only to be let down when you see their true colors like Rebecca Kleefisch.”

The narrator says Kleefisch’s husband asked “her administration” for special favors on behalf of a campaign donor who was caught in a waste dumping operation that risked poisoning water wells. The ad goes on to charge the Kleefisch administration tried to cover it up rather than turn the case over to prosecutors.

“Rebecca Kleefisch, just not who we thought she was,” the narrator says to close the video.

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