Despite empty booths at Washington High School in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood on the city's north side, poll workers say they saw light, but steady turnout, but no lines by mid-afternoon on Election Day 2020. Photo by David Wise, Nov. 3, 2020.

A group of plaintiffs that originally wanted a federal court to draw Wisconsin’s political boundaries now agrees the redistricting suit before a three-judge panel should be dismissed.

The plaintiffs — which include Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, Voces de la Frontera and the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin — had previously asked the three-judge panel for some time to consider whether any issues remained in the federal redistricting suit.

But in a short filing with the court Wednesday, they noted that since the state Supreme Court has created new maps, the districts BLOC and others had previously challenged no longer exist.

The plaintiffs asked the court to dismiss the federal suit without prejudice.

Republicans who have also been part of the suit earlier urged the three-judge panel to dismiss the federal action, citing the maps approved by the state Supreme Court.

Some advocates who opposed the GOP-drawn maps now in place have suggested a new challenge to the lines could be filed. But it wouldn’t impact those maps ahead of the fall elections.

See the filing here.

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