Turnout in the April election was 976,141, an uptick from the year before even though there was no statewide race on the ballot this spring, according to a preliminary number compiled by the Elections Commission.

The agency said the final turnout number is likely to increase slightly over the next few months as local clerks complete their data entry. Without a statewide race on the ballot, the agency has had to rely on data from local clerks to calculate the turnout number.

While up slightly from the 946,397 who voted in the 2021 spring election, when Jill Underly won the race for state superintendent, the 2022 turnout was down from the last several springs.

In 2020, with the presidential primary on the ballot, nearly 1.6 million voters cast ballots.

In 2019, when Brian Hagedorn won an open seat on the state Supreme Court, more than 1.2 million votes were cast.

In 2018, when Rebecca Dallet won an open seat on the state Supreme Court, just more than 1 million votes were cast.

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