The state GOP pumped nearly $3.3 million into Tim Michels’ guv campaign during the most recent reporting period.

That includes transfers that came within days of Michels’ brothers — both executives with the Michels Corp. — giving the party $1.5 million.

Meanwhile, the state Dem Party transferred more than $5.6 million to Gov. Tony Evers’ campaign during the pre-election period.

The latest finance reports, filed late yesterday, show Michels raised $8.8 million between Sept. 1-Oct. 24, spent nearly $9.5 million and finished the period with $531,472.

Michels gave his campaign more than $2 million during the reporting period. He also wrote another $1 million check on Thursday, after the most recent reporting period closed. That pushed Michel’s personal commitment to the race to more than $18.7 million.

Evers reported $11.9 million in receipts, $16.9 million spent and $1.2 million in the bank.

The state party continued to be Evers’ largest donor and has now given his campaign more than $14 million since the beginning of 2021. Over that period, Evers has reported more than $38 million in receipts.

Patrick Michels, the president of Michels Corp. gave the state GOP $1 million on Sept. 28, the same day Kevin Michels, the company’s vice president of fleet and equipment, donated $500,000.

The next day, Michels listed a transfer from the state GOP of $800,000. He listed a transfer of $600,000 a week later.

The state GOP declined to comment on the donations.

Sam Roecker, a spokesperson for Evers, said the donations raise questions about Tim Michels’ pledge to divest himself from Michels Corp. if elected. The company has won hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts from the state.

“Michels is a walking, talking conflict of interest who is only running for governor to push his radical agenda on our state and to further enrich his family’s company,” Roecker said.

Patrick Michels had donated $101,980 to various GOP and conservative candidates and groups between 2008 and this spring, according to the state’s database. Kevin Michels had given $97,550 over the same period. But neither had donated to the state GOP prior to their late September contributions.

State law limits contributions to guv candidates at $20,000 per campaign. There are no limits on the size of donations to political parties, which can make unlimited transfers to candidates.

Patrick and Kevin Michels each gave $20,000 to their brother’s campaign during the most recent reporting period.

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