Dem AG Josh Kaul won reelection as Wisconsin’s top cop, narrowly beating GOP Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney. 

In his concession speech, Toney wished Kaul well in his second term and said he looks forward to working with him as a DA and as president of the Wisconsin District Attorney’s Association. Toney said he doesn’t “see a pathway to victory given what appears to be the limited number of votes out there.”

“To our law enforcement out there, I’m sorry that I can’t take this across the finish line for you,” Toney said. “But I still proudly stand with you and so appreciate the work that you do in communities to keep us safe.”

With AP reporting about 99 percent of votes counted, Kaul was up 50.1 percent to Toney’s 49.9 percent. That’s an even slimmer margin than the 0.25 percent margin he beat GOP AG Brad Schimel by in 2018.

In the state treasurer’s race, Republican John Leiber was ahead at 92 percent reporting with 1,190,749 votes compared to 1,126,799 for Dem Aaron Richardson and 52,989 for Constitution Party candidate Andrew Zuelke. 

Meanwhile, in the secretary of state race, at 92 percent reporting, Republican state Rep. Amy Loudenbeck had 1,160,512 votes while longtime incumbent Dem Doug La Follette trailed behind with 1,139,472 votes. Libertarian Neil Harmon had 49,928 votes and Green Party candidate Sharyl McFarland had 37,645 votes.

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