Adam Steen, who lost the GOP primary in the 63rd AD to Assembly Speaker Robin Vos by 260 votes after he was endorsed by former President Trump, will run as a write-in candidate in November.

Steen in an interview with said with more time, he believes the former president’s endorsement will have a greater impact on donations and voter support. The self-employed investor has run on a platform focused on overturning Wisconsin’s results from the last presidential election. He boasted about his narrow loss to Vos of 5,084 votes to 4,824.

“It’d been seven days, right? And then you had a primary,” he said of Trump’s endorsement. “So I do believe that will have a factor, right? Because you’re dealing with somebody that has continued to fight against everything that Trump said.”

Steen also said he has not spoken with Trump since the endorsement announcement.

Vos in a statement said voters already made their choice to trust him over Steen.

“Mr. Steen recently moved into our district just to run against me,” the Rochester Republican said. “Now that voters have rejected him, he apparently can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He seems intent on re-litigating the primary election he lost, just like he wants to do with the 2020 election.”

The nine-term Assemblyman has said there is no legal way to overturn Joe Biden’s win over Trump by less than 21,000 votes.

Write-in candidates have until the Friday before an election to register with the state Elections Commission.

Vos will face no named candidate on the November ballot after Dems failed to get a candidate on the ballot in the strongly GOP seat.

See Steen’s announcement speech:

See Vos’ statement:

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