The conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty is suing the Wisconsin Elections Commission in an attempt to bar the commission from having staff investigate voter complaints of election law violations.

WILL in its complaint yesterday argues WEC violated state law that requires commissioners to review complaints from voters that allege election law violations and make decisions. The complaint also argues WEC in a 2020 order delegated those responsibilities to WEC staff and Administrator Meagan Wolfe.

That delegation of tasks violates state law, which the group in its complaint says requires commissioners to take those responsibilities and nobody else.

The suit, filed in Waukesha County, asks the court to strike down WEC’s rule delegating the tasks.

“Under Wisconsin law, WEC may not delegate its duty and power to decide complaints under” state law, the complaint reads. “It must exercise that duty and power as a commission and by a two-thirds vote.”

The complaint also seeks to have the court strike down the rule because WILL argues it goes beyond WEC’s legal authority in delegating tasks. WILL also argues the commission should not be spending taxpayer dollars to have staff review complaints from voters.

See the complaint:

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