Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu has appointed Sen. Dan Knodl to lead a new committee as he reworks membership on others to reflect the GOP’s new supermajority in the chamber.

Knodl, who was sworn in last week, will chair the newly created Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection Committee.

In creating the committee, LeMahieu pulled oversight of elections and consumer protection from Sen. Duey Stroebel. The Saukville Republican now chairs the renamed Government Operations Committee.

Minority Leader Melissa Agard, D-Madison, knocked giving Knodl oversight of elections after the Germantown Republican signed a letter more than two years ago asking then-Vice President Pence to delay certifying the 2020 presidential election to allow time to investigate claims of fraud.

Agard said Knodl “actively worked to thwart the peaceful transition of power.”

“He does not respect the nation’s longstanding democratic processes and is unfit to chair a committee exercising some oversight of Wisconsin‘s elections,” she said.

The offices of LeMahieu and Knodl declined to respond to Agard’s comment.

During the campaign for the special election, Knodl said he stood by the letter, but there was no denial of the election and Joe Biden is the president.

The new committee didn’t have any members listed on the Legislature’s website as of yesterday. A LeMahieu spokesperson said it will have two Dems with GOP membership determined later.

Meanwhile, LeMahieu sent Agard a letter Monday directing her to remove one Dem member from four committees to reflect proportional representation in the chamber following the special election.

Knodl’s swearing-in last week gave Republicans the first supermajority in the chamber since Dems had one in the 1977-78 session, according to the Legislative Reference Bureau.

The affected committees are:
*Agriculture & Tourism, which now has a 5-4 GOP majority;
*Education, which now has a 5-3 GOP majority;
*Judiciary and Public Safety, which now has a 5-3 GOP majority;
*Universities and Revenue, which now has a 5-4 GOP majority.

Along with chairing the new committee, Knodl has been added to three others: Economic Development & Technical Colleges; Judiciary & Public Safety; and Licensing, Constitution & Federalism.

The LeMahieu spokesperson said it’s not yet been determined if any GOP members will be removed from those three committees with Knodl joining them.

See the LeMahieu letter to Agard here.
See the release on Knodl’s appointment here.

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