The latest national Marquette University Law School Poll finds both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis up on President Biden.

Among registered voters, 52 percent favored Trump, while 47 percent backed Biden. Against DeSantis, it was 52-48 in favor of the Florida guv.

When voters were given the choice of Biden, Trump or someone else, the split was 34 percent Biden, 41 percent Trump and 19 percent someone else.

When given the same question but with DeSantis involved, it was 38 percent for the Florida guv, 37 percent for Biden and 18 percent for someone else.

When the same option was given respondents in the March Marquette poll, Biden and Trump were tied at 38, while it was 42-41 for DeSantis.

The MU Law School Poll says the high percentages saying they would vote for someone else or not vote in the May poll “indicates the potential for volatility in coming months as candidate choices are clarified.”

In the GOP primary, 46 percent of GOP voters backed Trump, while 25 percent favored DeSantis in a multi-candidate field. In the March survey, it was 40-35 in Trump’s favor.

The national survey of 883 registered voters was conducted May 8-18. The margin of error was plus or minus 4.1 percentage points. For the sample size of 377 Republican primary voters, the margin of error was plus or minus 6.1 percentage points.

See the release:

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