GOP lawmakers are appealing a Dane County judge’s order allowing voters with disabilities to receive their absentee ballots electronically.

Lawmakers filled their notice of appeal on Friday with the conservative 2nd District Court of Appeals, based in Waukesha.

Judge Everett Mitchell’s order means those who self-certify that they have a print disability won’t have to request an absentee ballot from their local clerks through the mail. Currently, only military and overseas voters are allowed to receive absentee ballots electronically. Once clerks email the ballots, the voters print them off and mail them back.

Mitchell’s order defines someone with a print disability as being unable to independently read and/or mark a paper absentee ballot. That includes due to blindness or a physical disability that impairs manual dexterity.

Those voters will still have to print out and mail back the marked ballot under his order.Lawmakers plan to raise several issues in the appeal, according to a filing. That includes their contention that Mitchell improperly granted the temporary injunction because they believe Disability Rights Wisconsin is unlikely to succeed on the merits in the lawsuit it filed and that the judge is “disrupting the State’s status quo election procedures mere months before the November 2024 general election.”

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