Supreme Court candidate Rebecca Dallet told Dem activists today the solution to partisan judges on the right is not to elect more partisan judges from the other side.

Instead, she argued judges need to be independent.

“If we fall into the trap of politicizing the third branch, we turn our back on our true progressive history,” said Dallet, a Milwaukee County judge. “We need independent judges who follow the law and decide every case based on the Wisconsin and U.S. constitutions and the law.”

Dallet tried to strike a balance as she told Dem activists she believes in putting away the worst violent offenders, but also that society needs to incarcerate fewer people and “make our justice system work better.”

She also made a pitch to the party’s liberal base, saying her proudest day in the courtroom was when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down bans on gay marriage, making “us equal under the law when it comes to love and marriage.” Dallet said she had been out of town when the ruling came down. But grabbed her robe and headed to the courthouse to begin marrying couples.

Dallet, a former prosecutor argued the law is a “living thing.”

“But that’s not the same as pre-deciding outcomes on one side or another, or to promise you I’ll be just another politician, just to try and win an election,” Dallet said.

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