The Foxconn bill is headed to the full Assembly Thursday after clearing a committee yesterday evening.

But a Dem who voted against the bill isn’t saying what he’ll do once it hits the floor.

The $3 billion incentive package for the Taiwanese manufacturing company passed on an 8-5 party line vote, after Republicans on the committee shot down more than 20 Dem amendments and adopted a GOP substitute amendment unveiled Friday.

That amendment would add $20 million for a worker training program and require that the final contract with Foxconn encourage the Taiwanese company to hire Wisconsin workers “when practically possible.”

Meanwhile, Dem committee member Rep. Tod Ohnstad, who also worked with Republicans on the substitute amendment but voted against both it and the bill itself yesterday, wouldn’t say how he would vote when the full Assembly takes up the bill.

“Today’s vote is today’s vote, and I look forward to perhaps making some additional changes before Thursday,” the Kenosha Dem said after the exec.

Those changes include language to address environmental concerns, as well amendments focused on concerns taxpayers and officials from both possible locations have raised, he said.

Asked if he would support the bill without any additional amendments, Ohnstad replied: “Ask me that on Thursday.”

Still, Ohnstad said he was “really proud” of the committee’s “exceptional work” on the bill.

“They’ve been very engaged, they’ve read the bill,” he said of his fellow committee members. “They probably read more pages than there are in ‘War in Peace’ on this particular bill and it’s not quite as exciting reading as ‘War and Peace’ was.”

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