Your dairy and Capitol Hill may seem worlds apart, but what happens in Washington affects your dairy’s bottom line. Learn from dairy producers and a Washington insider how policy positions like immigration reform, EPA and FDA regulations, innovation restrictions, trade and much more determine how you run your dairy.

Taking place at:
2017 Central Pains Dairy Expo
Wednesday March 29th, 1:00 PM
Thursday March 30th, 8:00 AM
Rooms 6-7

Learn How Policy Affects you from our Panel of Experts:

Laurie Fischer- CEO, American Dairy Coalition
Laurie Fischer, founder of the American Dairy Coalition will share the latest dairy policy news from Washington, D.C. including movement on immigration reform, environmental regulations and trade opportunities. For over twenty years, Fischer has worked with dairy producers, state and federal regulatory agencies and Congress to create favorable dairy policy.

Dorothy Elliott- South Dakota Dairy Producer
As an immigrant, Dorothy Elliott understands the complexities of immigration reform and the difficulty of securing a reliable labor force. Elliott is an owner of Drumgoon Dairy in Lake Norden, South Dakota, and manages human resources for the dairy. When Elliott shares her experiences with immigration, the audience will learn how potential immigration reform could affect their dairy business.
Dan R. Smith- DVM and Dairy Partner

Dan R. Smith, DVM and Dairy Partner (Mooody Count Dairy LP and Mill Valley, LLC,) will give an overview of the challenges of dairy policy regulations from a dairy partner and veterinarian’s perspective. With the new Veterinary Feed Directive, dairy producers will have to change protocols. In regards to potential innovation restrictions such as processors refusing to accept milk with rBST, the dairy industry needs to be prepared for the future.


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