Steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol, 2 E. Main, Madison, WI 53703

CONTACT: Phil Anderson

Madison, WI, October 19, 2017 – The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin will be getting a jump on the 2018 campaign with a Campaign Kickoff this Saturday at 4 pm on the steps of the State Capitol, headlined by Wisconsin Governor candidate Phillip Anderson.

Anderson, who was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2016, will be joined by his selection for Lieutenant Governor, Patrick Baird. Speakers will also include 2018 LP candidates Tyler Danke, David Lautenschlager, Ian Syron, and more.

Professor Joseph Daniels, Chair of the Economics Department at Marquette University, will be the special guest speaker. Dr. Daniels was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Toronto, has authored two textbooks on international economics, and has received numerous awards for teaching excellence from Marquette and Indiana Universities.

“We offer common sense solutions for the Wisconsin with no ties to the broken partisan system,” said Anderson.

Anderson is currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Wisconsin, the host of “The Free People’s Show,” a realtor with First Weber Realty, a lifelong resident of Wisconsin, and a graduate of UW-Madison, currently residing in Fitchburg.

“Our platform is to increase local control, grow Wisconsin from within, and eliminate the state income tax” explained Anderson.

The event will be hosted by television personality Rich Reynolds, who anchors “The Sports News” on Wisconsin’s 57 in Madison.

TeamGuv 2018 is “New Leadership for Wisconsin!”

Event: Anderson for Governor Campaign Kickoff

When: Saturday, October 21, 4pm

Where: Steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol, 2 E. Main, Madison, WI 53703

Cost: Free to all


Phil Anderson

Ph: 608.361.8608

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin stands on the principles of Life, Liberty, and Property. The LP advocates: phasing out personal property, income, and business taxes; term limits on elected officials; the right to bear arms; a reduced size of the federal government; the abolition of victimless crimes; School Choice; and the end to government interference in the marketplace. Libertarians believe in defending each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest and they welcome the diversity that freedom brings.

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