The Assembly has adjourned after passing several bills but will be back on Thursday morning to vote on a bill Dems objected to today.

The bill, AB 109, makes changes to a law passed last session that lets towns withdraw from Dane County zoning rules. Dems raised concerns that the bill would effectively nix eight currently scheduled votes from citizens in Dane County towns on whether their town should withdraw from county zoning.

Rep. Dianne Hesselbein, D-Middleton, told reporters after today’s session that people could still vote on the issue another day under the bill, but “they want to vote on April 18,” when those eight towns have their annual meetings scheduled.

“They’ve got daycare lined up,” Hesselbein said. “They’ve already figured out what they’re doing for the night. They want to go to this town board meeting.”

Dems objected to suspending the rules to give the bill a third reading, putting the vote on that at 63-34, just short of the two-thirds vote that Republicans needed to pass the bill today.

The Assembly signed off on several other bills, though, including:

*SB 12, which changes processes for the governing body of a multiple jurisdiction health department.
*AB 96, relating to letting businesses have a supply of epinephrine auto-injectors that can be used on individuals going through anaphylaxis
*AB 146, which lets dental hygienists practice in additional areas like nursing homes or correctional centers without the presence of a dentist
*and AB 151, which creates an approval process for community paramedics, community emergency medical technicians, and community emergency medical services providers.

This post has been updated with additional reaction.

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