The Assembly this afternoon adopted a resolution condemning the violence that occurred in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend, along with the “racist, intolerable views that caused that deeply tragic day.”

The resolution, adopted with bipartisan support, further condemns the “white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and all those who rely on violence and hatred to advance their

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke said the violence had “opened our eyes even wider to the hate” that’s present in the country.

Steineke, R-Kaukauna, who had spoken out yesterday against President Trump’s comments blaming “both sides” for the incident in an interview with the State Journal, again emphasized today “there should be no refuge in any political party for perpetrators of violence.”

Meanwhile, Rep. David Bowen, D-Milwaukee, said the resolution shows “we will not stand for individuals who embrace hatred and darkness in their heart,” and that representatives were “very adamant on standing on the right side of history.”

See the resolution: 

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