The state Assembly today unanimously passed a CBD oil bill that lawmakers said would provide relief to families who use the marijuana extract to treat their children’s seizures.

The Assembly signed off 98-0 on SB 10, which passed the Senate last month. The bill, which now heads to the guv’s desk, would shield from state prosecution those who possess the marijuana extract. It also would set up a process to buy and sell CBD oil in Wisconsin if the feds decide it’s no longer a Schedule 1 drug.

Krug and co-author Sen. Van Wanggaard have acknowledged the real solution needs to come from the feds, though Krug noted the state’s congressional delegation is on board with re-scheduling CBD oil to ease access to it.

“We’re waiting for the federal government to catch up,” he said.

Rep. Jill Billings, D-La Crosse, said while she’d vote for the bill, it’s “not the fix that we are looking for” because it doesn’t establish a legal process to obtaining CBD oil in the state.

“This is not the relief that those families need,” Billings said. “This is false hope for those families.”

But Krug said while only two states have CBD oil dispensaries, many more have a process to help people possess CBD oil without fear of prosecution. Wisconsin would also be leading the country in having a process in place if the feds re-schedule CBD oil.

The bill, he said, would help the families who’ve come to the Legislature over the years on the issue.

“This bill is about those kids,” he said. “This bill is about those families.”

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